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New beginnings

My first post on the new website! I should probably take a moment to ponder the last few months which has seen so much change in my life and try to appreciate where I am now and what lies ahead in the future.

I’m writing this in early March 2014, the sun is back in the sky after a winter of such unremittingly foul weather, that I can barely remember the like in my lifetime. It’s probably just as well that my focus has been on setting up our new home near Brockenhurst. It’s felt like I’ve barely had a camera in my hand for the last few months and I’ve definitely missed it, but we’re now settled and I have more time to indulge myself.

Not that I should be in too much of a rush. I want to acclimatise, learn what it means not to just visit the New Forest but to live here and be part of it. Better images will come with savouring that experience. Fortunately New Park has ponies and deer all around and my garden is full of birdlife so just getting to know my nearest wild neighbours has given me plenty to do. So for this first post I’ll keep it simple and just share a few images of some of my garden visitors, Goldfinch, Jackdaw, Song Thrush and Pied Wagtail.

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