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New Forest Bluebell Woods

What more glorious sight is there in the English countryside around Easter than a carpet of bluebells in a woodland glade on a sunny day? Bluebell woods are more common in the UK than anywhere else in Europe and they especially thrive in ancient woodland, which of course the New Forest has plenty of!

My local bluebell wood is just to the south-east of Lyndhurst in Pondhead Inclosure. It’s a lovely area, often a little quieter than some parts of the Forest but easily accessed from Clay Hill on the A337 or from the Beaulieu Road.

Fortunately Easter Monday proved a better day than forecast so it was an ideal time to walk off the previous day’s chocolate binge with a forest walk and to see how the bluebells were doing this year.

Before long the clusters of pretty purple flowers were getting larger until, at a fork in the track, the large swathes of bluebells came into view and I spent plenty of time just sitting enjoying the quiet wood, the birdsong and the scent of the flowers.

For this post I’ve included an image from that morning cropped to a 2:1 ratio, shot from a low-angle to try and combine the detail of some of the flowers, a sense of the spread of them and also some of the surrounding trees lit by the morning sun.



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