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When is a Red Deer known as a “brocket”?

In their second year, male Red Deer develop their first proper antlers. The main trunk of the antler is known as the “beam” but it’s not until their third year that the antlers begin to develop additional branches leading to the usual multiple points (or “tines”) of a fully adult stag.

So a 2 year old male is often referred to as a brocket, meaning they have a sizeable but single, unbranched antler, as this image of a juvenile male in the New Forest shows.

Red Deer Brocket

Just to note, don’t confuse that term with Brocket Deer, they are an entirely different family¬† of small forest-dwelling deer native to Central America (similar to the Muntjac Deer we have in the UK). Just to be even more confusing one species is called the Red Brocket!

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