New Forest Wildlife Photography


Bringing landscapes to life with the Nikon D800

I had a bit of a landmark birthday in September 2014, turning the grand old age of 40. Thanks to some extremely generous donations by members of my family I was able to rush out and buy myself another camera body. There was really only one choice in my mind, the Nikon D800. With the recent release of the D810, it’s older sibling could now be picked up 2nd hand at excellent value and it’s still one hell of a camera with its amazing full-frame 36MP sensor.

To complement this I also bought the Nik Software collection as plugins for Lightroom 5. I’ve heard from other photographers about the excellent processing results they’ve had from these tools so I was keen to ally this to the D800 files I shot. Without further ado it was time to get out in the forest with my 16-35mm f/4 wideangle lens and see what results I could come up with.

Fortunately I didn’t have to wait long until an afternoon of lovely clear autumn light presented itself so I went up behind New Park to the Poundhill Heath / Queen’s Meadow area which features a winding path through the trees before crossing the heath beyond.


There is a beautiful area of silver birch trees on Poundhill Heath which contrasted nicely with the fiery reds of autumnal ferns lit by a late “golden hour” sun.


A few days later I was over at Hincheslea Wood and shot this image of one of my favourite oak trees in the forest.


The D800 has already proved itself an unbelievably amazing tool for my landscape work, it should be pretty good for the wildlife too!





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