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10 favourite New Forest images from 2014

Perhaps in some ways 2014 was the year I fell back in love with photography. Not that I ever disliked it before then, but over the preceding 18 months perhaps a certain staleness was creeping in. But moving to the New Forest permanently in December 2013 re-connected me with nature and gave my photography renewed purpose. Here are ten images that hopefully capture that re-kindling.

1. Sleepy Stream

The first image at the top of the page is the Forest at its most idyllic, a meandering stream on a sunny early autumn morning. This is a stretch of Ober Water at Aldridge Hill.

2. Brocket portrait

Red Deer Brocket

If you’re not familiar with the term, check out this earlier explanation, but this confident young Red Stag deserves his place on the list. Hopefully I’ll be able to follow his progress over the years ahead and see how he develops. You never know he could be a future monarch!

3. Fighting Sparrows

House Sparrows fighting

These two also got their own post earlier in the year, but these two male House Sparrows definitely win my “action moment” category for this year. Who knew they were capable of such violence?

4. The path to Poundhill Heath


I have to be honest, if I have a personal favourite image of the year, it’s this one. My favourite part of the forest, on an October afternoon with glorious light and the best season for capturing a variety of hues and colours. It’s a very simple image, but packed with meaning for me.

5. Snake in the Grass

adder new forest

This image represents another objective I managed to complete in 2014, successfully finding an adder hibernaculum site so that I could photograph this most iconic of reptiles without disturbance by other people. The project continues in 2015!













6. The Outsider

red deer stag

A young Red Stag looks on from the periphery at New Park during the 2014 rutting season. Full of adrenaline, but unable to challenge the larger males successfully, he cut a frustrated figure!

7. Starling on Black

This was my favourite bird portrait of 2014, taken in my own garden. The light caught the plumage colours perfectly.

8. Squabbling Starlings

starling squabble

Another image from my starling project and the only monochrome image in this list. A slow shutter speed accentuated their whirring wings amidst their rather petty, but frenzied, bickering.

9. Nettles for Lunch

fallow buck deer eating nettles

This image always makes me chuckle. recalling the memory of watching this Fallow buck munching away happily from amidst an enormous clump of shoulder-high nettles.

10. The Old man of the Forest

ancient oak tree new forest

It wouldn’t be fair to finish without one more landscape image from the forest, a monumental ancient oak from Hincheslea Wood.

Hope you enjoyed this list, let’s hope 2015 is just as productive!

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