New Forest Wildlife Photography


The story behind New Forest Wildlife Photography is of one person’s journey to see, understand and ultimately live among some of the UK’s finest wild environments and spectacular wild creatures.

Tom Hadley is Hampshire born & bred and has been photographing wildlife in the county (as well as in many other parts of the globe) for just under a decade. The New Forest has been an area that Tom has held a special relationship with, a place which he’s always said feels like home.


Finally in 2013, that became a reality as he and Susannah decided that their future had to be based in the New Forest. Tom’s vision is to create a body of photographic work dedicated to the wildlife and habitats of the forest and show how the impact of people, both positive and negative, can shape the future of the forest.

Tom’s photographic work has been published in several national newspapers as well as widely used by commercial clients and conservation organisations.

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Tom uses Nikon cameras and lenses with Manfrotto support equipment.